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nîpîy êkwa askîy  Water and Land screening

water and land poster final.jpg

Curated by Eli Hirtle, the Water and Land Tour, with films created by Indigenous Media Artists, travelled across Western Canada in the summer of 2019. We are pleased to bring it back home to be screened in the FLUX Media Gallery!

As Hirtle writes in his artists’ statement,

“Stories are medicine; they are how we make sense of the world we inhabit and our place within the cosmos. By weaving and threading these tangents, we build relationships across vast expanses of space, time, and experience. Films are a powerful way to share these messages across borders, real or imagined, and the waterways and territories that connect us all.”

The screening includes works by Jessie Ray Short, Caroline Monnet, Jade Baxter, Alexandra Lazarowich, Marjorie Beaucage, and Conor McNally.